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This blog aims to help new mums who have difficulties to feel the positive side of the new life with a baby. I want you to feel less lonely by giving you a personal insight into my life as a new mum who said NO to postnatal depression and YES to a happier and fulfilled self. And I would like to give you hope that things can get better by showing you my honest feelings and actions towards getting back to a life which is worth being enjoyed.  



I am a mum of a cute and active 1-year old boy named Luca and married to the love of my life. We live in Melbourne, Australia with our little crazy and adorable Cavoodle named Nala.

We used to be happy. I used to be happy. Never had any forms of depressions before. But then my son was born and changed my whole world around. As much as I thought I was prepared for this new life (and I prepared a lot), I was hit hard with the emotional and physical challenges after giving birth. It was not only sleep-deprivation or exhaustion, I felt overwhelmed and also sad, lonely and angry. I was angry at myself, my baby and my husband, for the smallest things.

At around two months after my son's birth, I started to type into google "Why I  cannot stand my husband, after having a newborn" and much to my surprise it showed me: POSTNATAL DEPRESSION. This is when I started to learn more about this topic and started to open up, first to my husband and then my Maternal & Child Health Nurse and doctor, which lead the way to improving my mental state.

For the sake of my son, for myself, for saving my marriage, I went the next step with this blog. Writing was always a passion of mine, and by writing down my thoughts and feelings and my experience, it gave me me the opportunity to really understand what is happening to me and it helped me getting back towards becoming my happy self again and the mother and wife I want to be.



I want to help other mums and their families to gain a happier and balanced life.

Being a mum is hard and so often on social media we only seem to see happy and perfect mums. I am certainly not perfect and it took me a while to learn that this is ok. I like to share my personal journey and also learn about others. Knowing that you are not the only one with constant mood swings, with ups and downs is a relief and helps to feel less lonely.

During the last months, I learnt that there are many women out there which feel the same. Honestly, this topic is not talked about enough, so I want to contribute to change this.

If you are a new mum you may be able to relate to my story and maybe I will be able to encourage you and give you the strength to open up by talking to your family or by seeking professional help like I did. There are still many days where I feel down, but I know now that every day gets me a step closer to recovery. Things are getting better.

Let's share our stories and our knowledge spread the word and let's talk about our worries, our hopes and successful ways to a happier life. Everything starts with us. If any of us is able to help just one other person, we may be able to change the world to be a happier and better place.

Also, mum's which are not suffering from postnatal depression can struggle with positive parenting and a balanced life. On this site, you can find many tips which may help you as well.

With those big words, I would like to set a good vibe. Let's get started. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and enjoy being part of it. Please feel free to comment any of my articles.

xox Steffi


P.s.: I have to add that I am not a professional writer and English is only my second language, therefore, please excuse any spelling or grammar mistakes. Additionally, please note that I am not an expert in treating postnatal depressions. This blog is only about my own personal experience and by no means am I qualified to give any advise.

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